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ENEGOSYO is your integrated mobile and electronic business portal where you can easily and affordably build, manage, and grow your prepaid loading business.


At ENEGOSYO, you can do business anytime, anywhere 24/7. All you need is your cellphone and its regular SIM, or an Internet-connected PC.


What benefits and discounts do I get?

ENEGOSYO maximizes your business opportunities through the sale of the most in-demand prepaid loading products, including cellphone loads, Internet, online gaming cards, and a lot more.  It also provides you with a wide range of income opportunities: Product Discounts, Retail Profits, Sponsorship/Referral Incomes, Rewards, and more!


PLUS, you get FREE Sales and Marketing assistance, Technical Support and Training, Downloadables and Marketing Materials for sale.


What can I do with my incomes, bonuses, and credits?

Depending on the ENEGOSYO business program you have chosen, your incomes, bonuses, and credits can be converted to:

Credits for your ENEGOSYO Wallet, so you can immediately use them for your selling needs.

Cash, which you can easily access via your exclusive ENEGOSYO Banco de Oro Cash Card.

If you are an ENEGOSYO DIRECT Dealer, or an ENEGOSYO E.A.R.N. Distributor, you can also transfer credits to your downlines to keep your network ready for every sales opportunity.


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What is Enegosyo Direct

ENEGOSYO Direct package allows you to maximize profit through multiple layers of income scheme.  It gives you the freedom to choose between our two Business Packages - Retail Package and Dealership Package. 


What are the income opportunities for Direct Retail?

By being a Direct Retailer, you are privileged to have the following income opportunities:

Discounted load

Personal Retailing Profit (PRP)

Reward points every time you load up

Rewards Points Bonus (RPB)

PLUS Retailing Opportunities


The Retailer's Business Kit includes Load Wallet Credits worth P30, your Retailer's ID Card, Quick Guide and many more!  Get the opportunity to earn as a Retailer for an initial capital of as low as P300!


What are the income opportunities for Direct Dealership?

By being an ENEGOSYO Direct Dealer, you can enjoy the following income opportunities:


Retail Business Promotion (RBP).

Profits from sales of the 1st 30 Retailer's Business Kits in your Dealer's Business Package, plus discounts on all other kits sold.

Dealer's Business Promotion (DBP).

Earn P500 for every 1st level Dealer you sponsor; be free to build your first level to the size you can effectively manage.

Business Expansion Override (BEO).

Earn every time a new Dealer joins your network: 2nd & 3rd levels -- P200.00; 4th level -- P100.00; and 5th level -- P 50.00.

Loyal Network Patronage (LNP).

Income earned for every Direct Retailer (including you, as a Dealer doing retailing) loyal in patronizing ENEGOSYO Direct products.

Premium Network Patronage (PNP).

Special income replacing the LNP when your whole network of direct retailers (including yourself) loyally patronizes ENEGOSYO Direct products.

Personal Retailing Profit (PRP).

Your income in the form of retail profits, earned for selling ENEGOSYO products (which you'll get at discounted rates, as high as 18%).

Rewards Points Bonus (RPB).

On top of your PRP, you can accumulate Reward Points that can be converted to premium items!

Retail Network Override (RNO).

Get an RNO income for every product sold by each of your Direct Retailers (each ENEGOSYO product has a corresponding RNO rate for you).


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ENEGOSYO EARN is specifically designed for network retailers and marketers; ENEGOSYO EARN boasts a wide range of income opportunities based on network expansion and business development.  You can avail of ENEGOSYO's Business Start-Up Package for an initial investment of P500!


What are the income opportunities for ENEGOSYO EARN?

Get Product Discount Advantage (PDA) Earnings from products sold; up to 18%.

PLUS get premium Personal Retail Output (PRO) rewards for points accumulated with your every sale.

Distributor Referrals. Get a Retail Network Development (RND) Bonus for new distributors you sponsor: P50 for each 1st level distributor, all the way to P10 for each 9th level distributor!

Your Network's Loyalty Load-up. Get an Active Loyalty Load-up (ALL) Bonus for each of your distributors maintaining P500 Average Daily Balance (min. worth of credits) in his ENEGOSYO Wallet for 1 month.  (5% per qualified 1st level loader, and bonus percentages for those in other levels).

Executive Referrals. Get an Executive Business Promoter (EBP) Bonus when you invite an EBP who invests in minimum P50,000 worth of the ENEGOSYO E.A.R.N. Sales Kit to promote the business to others.


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What is Prepaid Load?

Prepaid load is the load credit for use in your cell phone, Internet, online game or landline account.   Prepaid load can be acquired via an actual prepaid card or it can be sent directly to your account electronically.


What are the different types of prepaid loads?

ENEGOSYO dispenses two types of prepaid loads: E-PIN and Electronic Load.


The E-PIN or Electronic Personal Identification Number is sent to you via online or via SMS.  This allows you to activate a particular service.  When you receive the E-PIN, you have to input this into your account (e.g. prepaid internet connection) in order to continue utilizing the service.


Electronic Load is also sent to you through your computer or mobile phone, giving you the corresponding credit balance for purchasing a particular prepaid load product at ENEGOSYO.  You usually receive a confirmation message that you have received the E-Load.


What other prepaid products can I get at ENEGOSYO?

ENEGOSYO offers landline phone card e-pins, internet card e-pins, TV vote cards, as well as online gaming e-pins such as Mobious and Level Up online games and others. We are continually adding to our list of prepaid products. If you need any prepaid load products, then you can reload them right here. View Products now!


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What is an ENEGOSYO Load Wallet?

Your ENEGOSYO Load Wallet stores your electronic cash/ credit balance that allows you to purchase prepaid load products via online and SMS, anytime, anywhere. With your ENEGOSYO Load Wallet, you can easily supply any prepaid load requirements of your customers.


All types of ENEGOSYO Accounts (Direct and EARN) have their respective Load Wallet.  To be able to use your ENEGOSYO Load Wallet, you need to fund it first. Once your wallet is funded, you can then start purchasing online.


How do I reload my ENEGOSYO Wallet?

For your convenience, ENEGOSYO has provided you several ways to reload your wallet.



Surepay, Your Reliable Payment Card, is an electronic payment card that allows you to reload your ENEGOSYO Credit Wallet instantly. Here are some of its features and benefits:

Fund your ENEGOSYO Credit Wallet conveniently! Load-up via TXT or ONLINE.

Reload your wallet in no time! Top up your card anytime 24/7, wherever you are!

Immediate and automatic load credits

Safe and secure transactions

Surepay is available in P500 & P1,000 denominations


   Purchase a SurePay Card from any of our ADI outlets and kiosks.

Mall Retail Outlets: Branches (Kiosks):
  SM Bicutan   Pioneer Center (Pasig City)
  SM Cubao  

Cherry Foodarama

(Congressional Avenue & Quezon City)

SM Southmall
  SM Megamall  
  SM Manila  
  SM Baguio  
  Park Square, Makati City  




You can choose to make cash or check deposit at any of the accredited ENEGOSYO banks. Be sure to keep a copy of your deposit slip for reference.





BDO (Banco de Oro)



BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)



MBTC (Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.)





RELOAD your Enegosyo Wallet through SMARTMONEY

To use SMARTMONEY to reload your ENEGOSYO Wallet, you must first register (one-time registration) your SMART MONEY # with ENEGOSYO.


Smart Money #  5577-5154-4548-4107

1. Type:
          SMARTMONEY (space)<PIN>(space)<Your SMART MONEY #>

2. Send to your preferred ENEGOSYO Gateway Numbers.

     SMART 09085534444 • 09192057222 • 09473177779 • 09198882020 • 09206427777 • 09291644544
     GLOBE 09064813333 • 09065550100 • 09065563344 • 09065563355
     SUN 09332783900• 09423731919 • 09423653947



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What if there's anything else I need for my ENEGOSYO business?

We are here to help you grow your business! We have made available as many avenues as possible for our members to easily and conveniently avail of our products and services, including a proactive technical support staff to help you should you have questions regarding your transactions. Simply call, fax, or text us at the designated numbers detailed at the Contact Us page.



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What about telco network problems?

ENEGOSYO relies on telco network systems and can thus be affected by congestion, fluctuations, or downtimes that these systems occasionally experience. These are some aspects of the business that are beyond our control.


How does ENEGOSYO give me the opportunity to help others?

ENEGOSYO enables you to create income opportunities for the people whom you invite into your network and enterprise. At the same time, you get the power to serve the prepaid loading needs of millions of Filipino consumers. ENEGOSYO also lets you contribute to entrepreneurial development among the poor, as part of the proceeds of your purchase of ENEGOSYO Business/Sales Kits goes to an entrepreneurial foundation.


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